It was 21st April. The about to start exam week time. The daytime was good. SEN final submission day. Evening was going to be great. I was going to concert ! Shreya’s Concert. Yes Shreya Ghoshal’s concert. The beautiful lady. The melody Queen. Whose mesmerising voice can cure any disease. yes it can. atleast mine.

Shreya Ghoshal

Concert time was 7 PM. I and my friend Krupal, left campus at 5 PM. Hoping to get early inside to the very front though we had the cheapest ticket in our hands because I knew I was not gonna be sticky at one place. Rather I would use extra money to break security. So we left on Motor Cycle, me without Helmet, just only specks. It was just 15 mins we left and we started to feel water droplets. Yes it was going to be raining as we felt. The storm started. We were yet just at Koba circle. Yet We decided to drive at diagonal towards Chandkheda, thinking Rain will stop and concert will Happen. We reached Motera Stadium, just to find out that it was Navrangpura stadium where the concert was. So again we headed forward, with full rain happening with stormy wind. What we saw while driving was incredible destruction. Saw 2 trees getting uprooted. 4 Bikers getting slipped at the same spot just behind us. Roofs trying to free themselves. One actually made it to the road. Electricity wire was hanging from one side to another side of road. It was very little space to cross that dangerous electricity wire. We passed it. Yet hoping that soon it will all settle down and concert will happen ( Haha.. silly no ?) who cares ?. Then driving at 20-30 speed in confused traffic, we reached Navrangpura Stadium. Ticket was so wet that Hardly gate keeper can let us in. We looked like as if we had just came out from swimming pool. Rain wasn’t stopping. Not even storm. I managed to get into the stadium gate leaving my friend outside because Gatekeeper denied all to enter but I somehow made it possible for me. I tried a trick to get my friend also in but innocent he ! didn’t understand my trick, couldn’t fake the entry. Okay so just after 10 mins, we were announced that concert will be postponed and the time and date will be announced soon. Rain and storm had destructed all arrangements for the concert. Speakers and music systems were damaged. So we left the stadium, drove away to SG highway and just straight to college in the extreme cold weather. Wind + Rain you know ! It was actually not only rain. hails too. Remember I had no helmet. Yet I drove. It was very scary people slipping, trees falling. This was the first time I personally got affected by GLOBAL WARMING. Also resolved not to have long journey without helmet. And just not driving while raining. Its not about driving with care but there is scientific reason why you slip when its first rain. Ask me I will answer in comment.

So Now exams were started. And I found out that the concert was postponed on 4th May. Oh God ! WOW. What a beautiful timing ! Finishing exams on 3rd, and relieving all stress on 4th. But it was announced that old tickets have to be exchanged from 27 to 30th April at the Stadium itself. I decided not to go to exchange, Having faith on myself that I will make it exchanged on the concert day itself anyhow. Basically I will convince them. So exams got over. Yey. Feeling like now College is over. Like now we won’t write or prepare for exams with this much intensity in future semesters. Studying just to finish credits.

Now it was again the day. 4th May. Lovely Shreya’s concert. It was sunday. There were few things to do that day. First, getting the old ticket printed again, and getting it exchanged ANYHOW from the venue. As it was sunday, no scope of getting it printed in or near infocity. Now what ? I decided to print it at ahmedabad near stadium only from any printing shop. So I left at 3 PM. With Helmet :) The day was HOT. Very HOT. HOT like anything. Like earth is a pressure cooker, emitting HOT steam from its wall, the surface. Who the fuck drives in the summer at 3 PM ? well I did. I had to. I had a dream to achieve. So I reached Navrangpura at 4 PM. Now was the critical time. I started to find the printing shop. Oh GOD. Can’t I think that if its sunday at Gandhinagar then it WILL be sunday at Ahmedabad also ? I just couldn’t find a place to get my old ticket printed. I drove 9 kms of surrounding. no hope. Just thought to buy another ticket if I can get one or had decided to spoof and get into the stadium from some magical back door like an intruder. On the way back after hopeless print-shop-searching to towards stadium for new ticket, I realized some opened shop in the very corner. very corner. It looked like Cybercafe from far. I thought why not just check if It is cybercafe from near too. And yes. Like GOD have opened it just for me. I rushed into it, got my old ticket printed. It was 4:45 PM. Now again the critical time. Drove fast to stadium. Like Dhoom 3. Very fast. Went to gate Number 4. They denied any ticket exchange. Went to gate Number 3. They also denied. Went to gate Number 2. They too denied !. Now Either hoping it at gate Number 1 or making a plan to intrusion. I managed to get into it by saying “The guy at gate 3 have told me to meet so and so person who is inside stadium, and to exchange ticket from him”. Requested for few minutes and yes he got me in. I convinced the guy with tickets saying I was about to come on 30th but it was voting day and that was more important. Anyhow I convinced him for exchanging tickets so that was all set. And yeah I got my ticket. Then I waited outside the gate for about 1 hour. Went to roam nearby and search for music shop as I wanted to buy flute. Came back at 5:45, waiting for entries to be started.

Now it was 6:00 PM. Entries were started. There were 6 gates for each type of passes. There were 4 types of passes. Rs 250, Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 1500. I had the cheapest one because I was sure I would do some “parakram” or “security hack” to get to VIP anyhow to have glimpse of stunning Shreya. So I entered from gate number 6. As I entered, omg ! it was like chakravyuh. Unbreakable security. 4 partitions. Probably It’d be easier to describe it with a picture or something like that. Here it is. Will take some time to understand the arrangement.

Shreya Ghoshal Concert Arrangement

Shreya Ghoshal Concert.

So, Now having 4 blocks, I sat down on some suitable place waiting for ideas to hack this security and get to the front. And that was so inevitable that I had to do this and it was the time to think, observe and identify some security glitch and algorithm to get near stage. I saw so many people rejected and sent back by security guards from the partitions to cross those. So that was surely gonna fail. Now the best thing was that no one knew me. So I can go to any level to achieve what I wanted. You know what we can do and actually do when we are anonymous. And that was the best thing. I had no fear of my reputation and bla bla to try out something weird. And few mins later what I thought of an idea was incredibly stupid. Very stupid. Below level. But I was Anonymous :D That is there were no people known to me or me known to them in surrounding. What I saw was that there were Water bottle / snacks stalls being settled. So the stall owners have started to bring Water bottle Cartoons and set the eatables/ bottles up for sell. And my Idea was to help them and using that crossing the partition. But yet that was impossible. Because to help them, I must be bringing something from outside and then come inside so that I am known to security guard and then he can let me pass back. So what to do ? Again very very stupid Idea I thought of. Very high chance of being caught. Yet why not try it ? I picked up 1 “Empty” cartoon of Bisleri bottles. Made it seem like full box with bottles inside it which was actually empty. Holding it like I have the weight of the universe and trying to move it to the other stalls. I picked it up. Went till the partition from where I could cross to 1000 Rs ticket entry slot. Security Gaurd actually let me cross it with some strange look but again who cared ? I managed to cross it with empty box. Now what I found was again a problem. To enter 1000 Rs. sitting arrangement, there were again ticket checks and Guards. But I decided to make the same trick to go to 1500 Rs. slot. and yeah again I was successful in that. Now just there was 1 barrier the final ticket checker. I picked up phone, behaving I am busy with phone call, with carrying cartoon like its very heavy, I entered the main ticket checking area, and passed it without any question letting security gaurd think that I am Stall keeper. And guess what ? I never did come out. Why would I :D ?? I was at VIP. At the very front row. Standing, watching Shreya on stage from as near as possible. Singing with her. No camera, no photos. Just enjoying the efforts I made and the magic she kept on creating by each of her songs. Yet I had one wish to have one photograph with her which was 1 adventure still left to do. And I actually crossed the border wall with my quickest move. Some one called security guard, he moved his sight, and I with my athletic long jump, I got into the main area ( see picture depicting JUMP ). The BACKSTAGE. The last song Shreya sung was Mere Dholna ( the beautifullest classical song ever ), after which she left stage, came down, I saw her as close as no one can. I wished I could have photograph with her. But damn. She moved very quickly to the car. Where the car was ready to be started and move her to hotel. But that close look I will never forget. So mesmerizing. It was actually like hangover. Then I had some pics with his co-singers, anchors. That was the day. It all was full of adventure. The different kind of. Will never forget it. NEVER.

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