The reason why we can not accomplish our goal and get diverted as usual because we start getting the things which are nice, good, come along our path to goal, and start loving those miniature good things. So the passion to achieve our desired, planned goal fades away and we change our goal according to what we start loving. Imagine its like a spider web. we want to reach at the end ( top ) of the path, but we keep on engaging ourselves in temptation to learn new better things and start finding our new goal. Also, the main reason that hinders us to achieve what we have set as goal, is that we do keep too many choices. We often forget giving priorities to the choices. and so every time, when we start from where we left off, we again start in other choice which was not meant to be chosen anyway!

I would like to put up a nice inspiring story closely related to this topic, I would like to write it over here. There were two friends, who knew that there was treasury ( Khajana ) on the mountain at somewhere on the top. They decided to reach there anyway. They decided not to go together and they started to reach there on their own way with different routes. The one friend, while on his way to treasury, encountered some Silver coins on the way. He took them and put in the bag and headed towards treasury. Then he found Gold coins.. then Diamond coins. He took every good, tempting things on his path and kept on collecting those fancy things. At the end, he was flooded with those Items, and could not reach to treasury with that much of load. While the second friend, also had similar tempting, good things on his path. But he always kept on saying himself that those were not the things for what he had came. So he ignored these little good things, and finally reached to the top where the treasury was there. And He got everthing that he wanted in the treasury. So that was what the secret of success. If you have started something, Don’t ever change your GOAL. Whatever good comes on your path. Because those things are not meant to be yours at that time. It will be yours automatically at some time when you will have something more than that.