The world is unpredictable. You don’t know who is playing game with you. You don’t know who is not real. You don’t know what others think of you. You don’t know when some one will give you a shock by their obvious behavior but very weird according to you. You can’t predict who is your real friend. Everything is fake. The only thing right is you, yourself. Don’t cheat with yourself, your own soul and that’s it. you are the real king. It doesn’t matter what other think of you. The only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.

Life is a game - Yash

“Life is a Game. More precisely It’s like a “Snake & Ladder”. The only difference is that you need to guess where is the ladder and where is the snake. Well I used “guess” because you only can guess. You can’t be 100% right in all the steps. But one thing is sure that even if your guesses are wrong in the beginning, eventually we can learn to guess them perfectly by falling some times encountering snakes. we will find a pattern where our guess will now be a little bit more perfect. The box number 100, the Final winning box of snake & ladder, is your dream. Where you want yourself to be. But problem of taking the longest ladder in a little experience is that you miss some real world experiences. And also the chance of encountering the longest snake is very high in using this ladder ( almost the very next step ). And that time, if you fall, you are alone. You miss the interactions with your friends, loved ones and regret your rude behavior ( mostly happens ) while getting up into the ladder. Nothing is predictable. Everything, everyone around you is fake. Nothing is real. All you see won’t be there in few blinks.

Some people will envy you, will taunt you, some will behave nice to you, some will care for you, some will not, some will help you selflessly, some will expect back, some will love you, some will hate, some will trap you, some will not. It’s all about what you can perceive. The quicker you get the real, the less you will encounter snakes. And the faster you’ll reach to your dream.