Lately, I've been thinking deeply about what exactly is winning? Why do people want to win? How do I win?

Does winning mean doing something better than opponents, colleagues, friends, families? Is it being in the top percentile? Is it just about performing better than others?

Of course, it seems we are competing with the world at every moment for survival but is it the case? We feel an imaginary spotlight on us to perform better for each and everything. May it be a so-called society/peer pressure of standing out among the others or self-induced image of ownself to thrive in all situations.

Does winning make you a happier soul? Are you dependent on winning to be happy? If that is the case, what is the strategy to win more to be happier? Maybe we need to look at "winning" differently. Winning can happen in the smallest of the things around you.

Let say you decided to wake up early at 5 AM. Then you win when you don't hit the snooze when the alarm rings. Let say you decided you wouldn't binge watch youtube/Netflix today; then not opening that damn site is a winning. You decided to not open social media till 10 PM; then you win if you stay firm in your decision. You decided to keep the phone away for one hour no matter what; then you win when you keep your distraction away for that hour. If you decided to go for a run in the morning; then you win when you hit the ground! You decided to strike of that one checklist from your to-do list; then you win when you actually do that! You decided to eat clean for a week; then not taking that pizza bite is a winning! Let say you don't drink alcoholic beverages; then not drinking in the grandest of the event regardless of what your colleagues might think is also a winning! Let say you decided to stay calm for the day no matter what; then you win when you don't shout or cringe when someone is honking or is rash driving in front of you. Let say you are arguing with your partner and you want the situation to settle or partner to be happier, then letting the other person win the argument is also winning in itself! You want to convince someone for something, but sometimes not convincing & letting it go is also a winning. You won the happiness & peace thereafter! Winning can happen at every moment of your mindful decision. You just have to be looking. Gradually, when you start maximizing the number of small winnings throughout the day, you start winning big! These small winning moments start shaping the big bright future. Every such winning moment makes you a better version of yourself every day. Now you're no longer competing with anyone else but yourself. Your winning is no longer dependent on your performance compared to others. You are enough!

Cease the moment, mindfully challenge the situation & turn it into a winning. It is that simple. Keep rising, keep shining.

Let me know in comment section, what are your moments of winning or if you'd like to share your insights!