A day back at petrol pump while getting checked the air pressure of my bike Tyres; I realized I might have a puncture in the rear one. For a day, I consciously started sitting a little towards the front to avoid pressure on the rear Tyre. Today, I got to the puncture shop & checked if there was a puncture, I could get it fixed. Indeed there was a puncture & I got it fixed then and there.

Now you may wonder, why am I writing about this. Why do the readers even care if my bike had a puncture & I got it fixed or not?

Well, let's analyze this. I had a couple of options to start with when I first realized about the puncture.

  1. Ignore the puncture & let it be. Keep using the punctured Tyre & refill the air whenever possible.
  2. Continue using the bike as it is; observe till the Tyre get flat in a couple of days. If yes, I can be sure of the puncture & fix it.
  3. Get it checked early. If yes, fix it on time.

What are the disadvantages of the first 2 options?

  • My bike won't be running to the full potential.
  • Ignoring might lead to more punctures.
  • Mileage will be affected & hence adds to the fuel cost.
  • Experience of riding the bike will be not smooth & hence not pleasant.

Similarly, in life; there are many issues which we get a hunch early on. We have the option of consciously choosing option 3. But we often don't. We often ignore some issues, & hence live with the punctured Tyre scenario leading us to not live the best possible life. Over the period, the puncture gets worst & it starts affecting our life to the point where it can not be fixed anymore & hence leading us to change the Tyre instead of fixing the puncture early on. Also, what is the guarantee that the new Tyre won't have the punctures one day which might & will not be ignored again?

Conclusion: When you face the doubt of something not going well; go analyze the situation well. Take the right corrective measures before it gets too late. Always fix the puncture on time else you'd need to change the Tyre which is not only costly but time-consuming in life & often gets you back to square one.