When I came to DAIICT, on first day, I still had a chance to choose Medical & be a doctor. And I turned down that choice just after seeing the beautiful, green campus of DAIICT.

I wrote a letter to myself on that day. Telling myself, who I was, who I was then, and who I aspired to become. And I very well remember what I wished myself to be. And I'm happy that I've fulfilled my blurry expectations. I got the best friends (all are extra-geek as an added awesomeness factor), one could ever have. Also, one of its own kind ewing; to whom I torchered on daily basis with my harsh flute & singing (in bathroom :p). Me & my room partner (Saagar Takhi) had a wierd & funny clashes, but at the same time, uncommon understanding. Also, didn't loose a chance to harass Startup buddies (Yash, Nikit) at DCIE, obviously with my flute. Below is one of the image of my batch buddies (year 2011-2015).

Here are the things I learned in this entire beautiful journey of college life.

  1. Enjoy. Do things if you enjoy them. And Keep doing them. Eventually, you will find something out of it.
  2. Learn. The day you stop learning means you are dead. There are so many things, you can learn and have fun with.
  3. Have fun. Go about doing adventures, Movies, Parties. These things will outlast the studies.
  4. Have a very few friends. And be very selective to choose them. Feel for them, unconditionally. Afterall, true friends will outlast our fame.
  5. Girls, No obession.
  6. Start-up. Yes, its worth the journey, worth the time spent.
  7. Develop new talents. And yes, be obsessed 'bout one of 'em. This will become your identity.
  8. Be idiot. And be conscious about it.
  9. Let it go. Sometimes, best thing is to let the time decide what will happen.
  10. Help people. Not for gratitude. Never expect back.
  11. Network. Meet new people. Discuss all those ideas which you are not going to turn into profit.
  12. Do some projects, for which you can talk about to someone.
  13. Don't stress over awesome grades. But don't stop caring for the same.
  14. Fight for wrong happenings. Speak up if you see something wrong. Would you like your future self to see your past self and say, you were coward ?
  15. Read things outside of textbook. It is the ultimate source of knowledge.
  16. Embrace spirituality. It helps you to survive stress-free in dark times.
  17. Study something very deep. Like a research on something. Know bits and bytes of it.
  18. Have a friendship to one of the professors. You'll definitely get something useful out of it.
  19. Make friends to the security-guards. This gives little comfort.
  20. Argue, debate. Ultimate source of self-confidence and knowledge.
  21. Wake up early. Enjoy the nature. walk around campus in the morning, with a beautiful song wired in.
  22. Daily todo list. This one can move mountains. ( well I don't keep one, but I should now. )
  23. Talk to seniors, professors; ask them the right questions. You may get a gem advice for your life.
  24. Be less obsessed with titles. Co-founder at something, Co-ordinator of this and that. Fuck that shit. Enjoy things, events. Not titles. Those are psuedo-happinesses.
  25. If you are working on something, don't talk about it. Always Remember the first 2 rules of fight club.
  26. The day you realize, you're master at something, you lose your mastery. Keep improving. There is always scope of improvement.
  27. Be honest. Don't make false promises. Be loyal.
  28. Internet Gaming, just for little fun. I mean seriously; there are better things to do. ( Like watching Shaktiman )
  29. Don't get obsessed with buzz words. Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Hadoop, Big Data, Cloud. And don't overspeak about them. These words intimidate those, who don't know them. And give psuedo-happiness to them who speak it. In fact, no one knows these things right. They just claim to be smarter.
  30. Don't judge anyone with the placement offer they have got. Placements and jobs have nothing to do with the skills and the person itself.
  31. Love, NO. Love is waste of time; In college. It affects your friendship with your close friends. Love will fade away. Don't lose friendship for that.
  32. Be fit. Mentally & Physically. Do workout.
  33. Have a goal. or make one. or find one. Which keeps you alive. Be passionate about something.
  34. Write. It improves your clarity about the subject you're writing.
  35. Influence. Show the right path. Never mis-guide.
  36. Give something in return. Give credits. Say thanks.
  37. Have patience. Faith in your true-self. That one day shall come, which will be yours. Sooner or later. But worth waiting for.
  38. Don't participate in paid workshops/events. Those are sheer waste of time, value and money. You can do much more using internet in the same time.
  39. Don't rush to home in weekends. There are so many things worth learning & enjoying in free time at college.
  40. Spend part of vacation in college. The only time, you are free to do anything without any academic obligations. It is precious time, worth using for productive things.
  41. Do have a clear idea, whether you want to study further or have a job. And be very clear, why you chose either option. Yes you can do both, Like taking a job as a backup and then giving GRE/CAT/GATE. But I'm sure, you can perform much better in these exams if you don't keep a backup plan. Not having a backup plan is a sure shot way to perform to the best of your ability because that is when you HAVE to perform and can't hold loose.
  42. Do NOT worry about placements. You will always get one. Some companies ain't worth working for. The best thing to have is Patience during placement season. But yes, Do prepare well enough to crack any interviews ( and realize it before end ), like you prepared for board examinations. You do your part, companies will do their part. They don't select you ? It's their loss. You be happy.

Work hard, have fun, Make history.
Never dream, never have a plan, do things you love, and let it flow.

We say that Expectations hurt; and at the same time we say to have a goal. So isn't having a goal an expectation ? I believe to instead have milestones and keep driving past them.

Life is short, make it count. Make a difference be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

I'm really gonna miss this place,
I'm gonna miss my DA days